Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just getting started here..

A little about myself..  I live in Northern Utah, one of the most diverse states in the nation.  I am consumed with travel and find that traveling by motorcycle gives me the ultimate perspective.  I feel alive on a motorcycle and enjoy how my senses are at their peak while riding.  I can honestly say Its an addiction and one I am very fond of.  The majority of the time I travel in a direction, not a destination..

Glenda (2006 GL1800)
Currently I have three motorcycles, some may find that excessive but I have found it's a good balance.  I have soul searched as to the practicality but my justification comes down to a bike I can take to my cabin (in the dirt), a canyon carver / adventure touring bike (for my personal adrenalin rush and mental breaks), and "Cyndi's" Goldwing..  In all reality the only reason I purchased this behemoth was to gain the company of my bride..  It seems to be a perfect match after many efforts to take her on long trips on my Argo (V-strom) failed due to the lack of comfort and communication.  Glenda is loaded with every feature imaginable, Navigation, Airbag, Heated Seats, Intercom, Premium Sound,  Electronic Cruise Control, etc etc... I purchased her this last summer from a man who honestly wept as we drove off.  It was his pride and joy and the last motorcycle he would own.

                Argo (gone but not forgotten)                                                                                                                                                    
Argo was (I imagine still is) an 07' Suzuki DL1000 V-strom.  My first real road / touring bike purchased new in 2007.  I clocked about 45k miles on her before she was handed over to her new owner and now reisdes in Oregon.  I spent many an hour in her saddle and she never let me down.  At this point probably my all time favorite bike (hopefully to change).

Arion is an 09 Kawasaki KLR 650 purchased for the main purpose of commuting to work and riding dirt roads.  She isn't a power house, but she has spirit and is my little mule..  I have debated selling her a few times due to trying to justify three motorcycles, but even after a serious buyer had interest I couldn't actually go through with letting her go.  She is such a refreshing ride and just plain fun!

Rita is an 09 Kawasaki Versys (Candy Lime Green) and is the newest member of the stable.  I purchased her last year with 300 miles on her odometer.  Her name is derived from a Marga"rita", because she is fun, colorful, and spirited!  Rita is taking me on her first long distance adventure this coming new years for a 11 day jaunt to ride with my M2W friends in Las Vegas on their annual Death Valley Ride, then on to Baja Mexico.  This trip will determine if she will fit the bill for long trips and whether or not she remains in my stable.  So far her future is looking very bright!

<<<<  UPDATE 2015>>>>

A few changes to the motorcycle stable

Rita and Arion have found new homes..  After a life threatening accident in Mexico with Rita I determined her wheel base was too short for me (particularly with a loaded top box).  I have settled strangely enough back on a V-strom and feel for me they have the perfect cockpit and physical size for my style of riding..

Meet Misty.. A 2013 Suzuki V-strom DL650

And my most recent addition from the Rescue of Willow blog is Willow.  She is a 2014 Suzuki V-strom DL650 which is now finished other than knobby tires which I now have, just need to install..

I am setting Misty up for off pavement excursions.  From the factory she was designed for 80/20 street/dirt riding, but without proper dirt tires I have been a little leery to do much off road riding.  She is also set up with a heavy duty skit plate, crash bars, fork brace, and taller handlebars to allow a more comfortable standing stance.  I am looking forward to getting a little dirty this summer..

Another Passion!

Staffordshire Bull Terriers..

I have shared life with dogs for many years. As a child we had a Collie and later a Blue Healer (Shirly and Pepples). My wife had Cocker Spaniels when we married and I found a Somoyeed (Keesha) who I clicked with in a very special way.  After my Keesha had lived the course of her life I had basically decided I wasn't going to go through the sadness again and wasn't going to replace her.  Then stepped in Milady Abigale DeWinter (Abby).  A little female "Staffy" who actually picked me for an owner.  Her grandparents were a Crufts International Champion and Staffordshire of the Year Champ.  I found this little girl in Moab Utah.  When investigating she would not leave me alone, nor let her siblings play with me.  I had no idea that there existed such an amazing breed..  A couple years later when my wife's Cocker (Pepper) had reached the end of her life we decided we needed one more Staffy.  After lengthy searching we found a suitable mate for my Abby and after quite a traumatic deliver we added another girl to our family "Steel Milady Grace".  Her dad is an IDWP champion and was truly a Stud!  With Booker T's and Abby's pedigree we feel we have a great addition..

Gracie is the color of her Great Grandpa..  Special order for us!!

 Gracie is a big tormentor to her mom, or is that the other way around?  hmmm....

My sweet Abby!  Any time I find myself down, sick, back from surgery etc. this is her typical place..

I somehow have become the favorite lounge chair!

Did I mention lounge chair?

We have been very fortunate to stay in contact with two of Gracies sisters and it has been a joy to see what wonderful dogs they have grown into.

A little serenity..

Having lost my hero and father a year ago, there is one place I can return to feel his presence.  Our cabin was his favorite place to get away from the daily grind.  It has taken me years to figure out why a cabin and all the work it entails is so therapeutic.  Growing up I felt like all we did was WORK when we went there.  Always cutting wood, always repairing this, fixing that, painting, mowing the lawn, basically there was always something.  I was fortunate enough to realize this before his passing and was able to tell him I understand now.  When working there all thoughts of strife and conflict in this world seem to disappear.  It is my little piece of serenity in all the madness..