Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ted Sessions Road Cleanup / Ride

A couple weeks ago my good friend Ken asked if I was interested in going to Idaho to help with the Ted Sessions highway clean up.  I had missed last years cleanup and felt impressed to go this year.  Cyndi wasn't sure she was going to make it so I planned to go by myself, but with the group from Salt Lake.  I hadn't seen some of this great bunch of people in quite a few years and inked it in on my calendar.

After a stressful week at work Cyndi came up to me the Wednesday prior and said she needed the break and was going to go :) .. I was more than happy to have her company and looking forward to an extended weekend and quick break from the normal routine of life.

Ken was inspired a couple years ago while riding in Ted's home town (Driggs Idaho) that an adopt a highway cleanup honoring Ted would be a great idea and started putting a plan in place.  Over the last years of Teds life he had talked fondly of how much he loved Driggs and the things he use to do there as a youth.  What a great idea Ken had to help cleanup a stretch of road that Ted had often traveled in such a beautiful valley.

The group from Utah that went by motorcycle was Ken and Bev, Kenny and Jan, Ron and Wendy, and Cyndi and myself.  They were all coming from Salt Lake and where the route they had planned headed up a canyon close to my home I opted to meet them part way up the canyon at a rest stop.  Four of the six I haven't seen for years and it was great to see them as well as ride and socialize with..

Taking a  short break while waiting for the crew..

And...  Here they come!!

Heading up Trappers Loop

Monte Cristo                     
Heading down Monte into Woodruff.

Stopping in Soda Springs Idaho for Lunch..    

Not sure what happened to the Taco Time / A&W recently but wow they were slooooooowwwww..  The food was edible but not that great.  Along with orders mixed up and/or not complete it was a very poor experience..  Sometimes bad days happen so I will  stop there again next time through, but wow service has slipped.  This is a common stopping point for bikers for fuel, snacks and lotto tickets so hopefully it was just a bad day..

Yup, everyone is still here..

Stopped in Freedom at Freedom arms for T-shirts and short break.  You have to love what they have done with what I assume were guns that didn't make the cut.  TP holder and paper towel holders.  Love it!! 

Photos plagiarized from Ken, Thank you!!

Cyndi says she doesn't do selfies...  Hmm...  :)

           Dinner at O'Rourks in Driggs the night we arrived.. 
A little warm and noisy but food was good..      

Cyndi getting to work..

The Entire crew!  Awesome to see everyone!!

After the cleanup we had lunch at MD Nursery in between Driggs and Victor, who would have thought a nursery/garden supply could be such a fun place.  They have the Marigold Cafe restaurant upstairs (I recommend the Mediterranean wrap followed by a blueberry tart.  There is a gift shop down stairs, and everything you would ever need for your yard.

 Had to laugh at this novelty but very usable soap..

Main drag from Victor to Driggs

                                                                        The Emporium is a must stop in  Victor for a                                                                             shake!!  The shakes come with a giant straw to                                                                         ensure brain freeze..  


Some pics on the way home..  What a beautiful weekend!!

Ted passed away in 2002 and I'm not sure I have met a man since who was such a humble and genuine person.  My respect for Ted was magnified when I was his Executive Secretary for what seemed like a very short couple years before he was released.  I have very fond memories of our conversations in the clerks office of the Copperhills 9th ward. Many of these stories were stories from his experiences in Driggs and his love for the outdoors, what a fitting way to remember him..

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